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Ms. Arisco's Music Class

Welcome to Ms. Arisco's Music Class! 
It is my hope to spark an interest and foster an appreciation for the Fine Arts.  Throughout the year we will study different instruments, the basics of music theory, and world music.  We will also explore elements of the visual arts through drawing.  4th and 5th graders will learn to play the ukulele and have an opportunity to join the Roadrunner Choir.  
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Recent Posts

The band Of Secrets Aka 3 Kids And A Lady (4)

Click and listen to this group of kids who created a Drum Circle in the music room one day after lunch.  Drum Circles are a tradition in Africa.  Each student improvises a  rhythmic pattern that layers over the previous pattern and together creates a unique composition. The kids gave our group a name: The Band of Secrets.  Enjoy!