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We are looking forward to a really exciting school year and your kids will soon be bringing home their precious library books!  Parents/guardians, encourage your children to read every day.  Even better, take a few minutes to sit down and discuss your child's day with them.  Read to them!  Let them read to you and savor every moment.  Time passes way to fast and before you know it, your child cuddled up next to you will be a grown-up, ready to leave the nest and following your example. 
Be an example to your children.  Volunteer!  We always need adult library volunteers to help students find books and shelve our thousands of books. Interested?  Please fill out the volunteer application at, then please call or email me.

To access the AR Bookfinder, Renaissance Home Connect and the Harris County Public Library page, please click Library links.

Thank you and enjoy reading!

Debbie Hoot

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