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Coach Aaron Arriazola

Welcome Roadrunners to Jennie Reid Elementary Physical Education! 
Dear Parents and Students, 
I am looking forward to a fun and exciting time in Physical Education this year! Your child will have P.E. three times a week and we are going to have a great time together! To help make this the best experience possible, there are several gym procedures I would like you to be aware of:
Dress: Students will need to be dressed appropriately for their P.E. class in order to be allowed to participate. Appropriate dress consists of fitted rubber sole shoes (see link below), socks, pants or shorts, and collared shirt. Girls wearing dresses or skirts to school must wear shorts underneath. Dangling jewelry or accessories must be removed before participation. 
Excuses: A written note from the parent or guardian is necessary to excuse a child from P.E. class. If your child does not need to be excused from all activities, please let me know which activities you would like your child excused from (example - "no running"). Please specify the number of days the excuse is for, otherwise it will be assumed the excuse is for only one class period. For an excuse longer than three days, a doctor note is required. 
Grades: Students in K will not receive P.E. and health grades. 1st grade will receive letter grades E, S, N, or U. Students in 2nd - 5th grade will be given numerical grades. Grades will be based on participation, fitness, skills, and conduct. Written notes for non participation will not affect their grade. Additional behavioral conduct marks received in P.E. will be included on your child's daily or weekly conduct sheet given through the classroom teacher. 
SPARK: A quality P.E. program is offered to students as part of our curriculum. We will be using activities from SPARK P.E. program in addition to other sports performance techniques. SPARK P.E. is a unique program designed to help teachers like myself lead activities that are inclusive, highly active, integrate academic and wellness concepts, and fun for all students. Additionally, instructional units are designed to develop students' motor, cognitive, and social skills. 
"Every Student's Success Is Our #1 Priority."