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District calendar update: No early release days this year due to Hurricane Harvey

The district considered the large amount of instructional time that was missed and decided to change the half-days that were on the district calendar to full instructional days. These dates include Oct. 5 and 6 (which were previously half-days for elementary students only), Dec. 21, Feb. 15 and 16 (which were previously half-days for secondary students only) and May 24.   


With the waiver and the change of half-days to full days, LPISD exceeds the requirement for students to have 75,600 minutes of instructional time each year.  Feb. 19 and May 25 will remain as inclement weather make-up days if needed. Another consideration in changing the half-days to full days is that if school has to be closed again for inclement weather, these additional minutes of instructional time might keep the district from having to use the inclement weather days for instruction.

Click here to view the newly updated La Porte ISD calendar.  Information on how parent conferences will be handled will be forthcoming.